Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello, All

I am back.

Horrid week. Horrid yesterday. I'll never get over it. I hate SIDS!! The end.


The good news is the sun FINALLY feels warm in this god-foresaken town. SERIOUSLY. I'm a true Floridian (as in the Southern-most part) at heart. I hate the weather in Iowa! Except summer :)

I am so happy to free of the chains from school! Craziness. I've been getting some stuff done! I cleaned Belle's room today...while she was gone of course :) I threw away TONS of junk. She's an only grandchild so she is SPOILED without her even realizing it. She thinks it's totally normal to have a stack of about 35 diaries that have never been written in. So existential of her.

I'm babysitting my friend's daughter tonight so the girls could have a "slumber party." I'm cracking up at their dramatic pretend games. Now I can see the benefits of having more than one child! They TOTALLY keep eachother entertained!!! LOL! Belle is being a bride and her friend, Maddie, is serving as "Mom/Lead Bridesmaid." omg. I just realized they've been quiet for about 15 minutes so I should go see what they are doing :)

Love ya's!

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CourtneeCee said...

Awww, sorry to hear about your friend's baby. It's always so difficult to make sense of this type of thing. She's lucky to have a friend like you for support.

Be well,