Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Buen!

Yo y'all!

Eff. So I hurt my knee, omg. Technically, I hurt it in yoga approx. 1.5 years ago (aka - few months before the bun hopped into the oven). I was doing this very challenging pose known as "triangle" lol. Seriously, of all poses, I didn't anticipate hurting myself during freaking triangle. Anyway! My chiro was working on it until the stork visited. Post-stork, I decided to take some time off yoga to accomodate my hectic eating and sleeping schedule.

When I made my Grande Return of the BAM, I realized omg, my knee is better! Yay! However, last week, every run I started noticing my knee more. It was the same pain as the triangle fiasco. Eff! So I went to my chiro of awesomeness who informed me I rotated my knee. Double eff! So I haven't been able to work out until this coming Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes. Knee is still no bueno but I'm hoping by Wednesday that it will be!

On a lighter note, I am bored with grilled chicken and going back to veganism for awhile. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm sure it won't last long but I'll keep everyone posted! :)

Who has other scoop? Do send.


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Jen said...

Bummer about your knee :(

Would love to hear about your adventures in veganism. Any favorite recipes? I've been eating vegan since Jan (with a few cheats) but could use more cooking ideas.