Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 6 – 20 of my favorite things

I am going to exclude the EXTREMELY obvious: people, pets and my orthodontic work.

1. My wedding ring.

2. My engagement ring.

3. My pearls the husb gave me on our wedding day.

4. My camera. And my lenses that go with it.

5. My L.A.M.B. bag. I've carried it the longest. Not sure why? I am still not even in the market for a new bag and it's been almost a year! Is it true love?

6. My Louis Vuitton bag. I haven't carried it since getting the L.A.M.B., but I shall!

7. My music collection (see Blog Challenge Original Post)

8. Any and all photos in my possession, printed or digital.

9. MY MAKEUP COLLECTION. See my makeup blog for additional information.

10. All of the vacations I've taken with the husb. He's hilarious. Too bad I quit my job and the vacas were the first to go. LOL.

11. My John Deere audit staff days, the amazing places it showed me and the wonderful, awesome, forever friends it made me.

12. Expensive denim. My new R&R jeans, specifically. Thank you, Josh, for verifying they are cool.

13. All of the littles notes and pictures Belle made me. I save them ALL.

14. Five Star Facials. And massages.

15. My house. We live in the middle of nowhere and it's the most calming, peaceful, wonderful place ever. And I get to see the farmboy drive tractors and combines and whatnot around on the weekends. It's awesome.

16. Barn Dances. I really want to have an anniversary party.

17. This blog challenge. It's seriously pretty fun. Thanks, Laura!

18. The fact I'm not working right now. Being a stay at home mom is ****ing AWESOME. ;)


20. My bed. It's like a cloud.

Just to mix it up a little, and because my posts from the past couple days have been short...I shall say 20 things I hate, as well :)

1. The Progressive Car Insurance lady. I would feel really bad if she knew I said this, because I don't know her, but I still hate her.

2. How The Gap, The Limited, Old Navy, etc all ask if I want a credit card. As much as I shop, it's seriously the most annoying thing ever. I stopped going to the Limited Southpark because I can't stand those girls. Hello, I had all the credit cards I wanted by age 22. Then, I had to spend time getting rid of them so my wallet didn't continue to weigh 42 lbs. No, I do not want any more, credit, punch, etc.

3. Glade air freshener, especially plug-ins and those fake gel candles. This just made me realize I should have included "Scentsy" in the 20 Favorites. My house is filled with the sweet smells of Scentsy right now.

4. The fact I haven't gone to yoga. I'm starting to really get pissed at myself for this. I love yoga. Tapas Yoga Shala and Indigo should totally be in the top 20 with Scentsy!!

5. (Most) Italian Food. Marinara-ish stuff is not my favorite. I am more of a super-spicy Thai person.

6. Shots. UGH. Cannot stand hard alcohol. Except the tequila hiding in my margaritas.

7. Red wine. I think it tastes like bacon...which I also hate. My friend Kates makes fun of me all the time. She works at a wine store and I bought some Cranberry wine from her the other day. I told her I couldn't believe I bought red wine. Then, she informed me, I bought white wine that happens to be red. lol. Oops.

8. The song "Celebrity" by Brad Paisley. No offense to Brad, as I love many of his other songs. F. Now I have that song in my head!

9. That Belle will be a Lancer. No offense to the Lancers...I am just a die-hard Falcon. GO WEST.

10. June bugs. Ew. And centipedes. Eeew! I don't mind spiders, though.

11. Getting my tattoos lasered off. Oh yeah, it hurts. Fortunately, I don't have to do it anymore. Ahhh...getting Betty Boop tattooed on my ankle at age 17 was so much fun! ;)

12. Politics. I know it's important. Sorry, but it's true: I hate politics.

13. Skinny jeans. Love them on others; cannot stand the thought of wearing them around my ankles. And no, not because I'm trying to show off the remnants of Betty Boop.

14. Running. Dear Running, I want to like you but I hate you. Love, Moi

15. The fact I type a million words per minutes and never spell-check or proof-read before I post.

16. RJ Boars.

17. The lobster tank at Red Lobster. I mean, is this necessary?

18. Haunted Houses. I am just not a fan. Scary!! I don't like anything scary - horror movies, etc.

19. Rides that spin: Silly Silo, Gravatron, those chairs that swing around in a huge circle, The Sizzler, etc, etc, etc. Ugh.

20. Putting laundry away. I don't mind doing it but putting away IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

Ann :)


Laura @ TheMeckleys said...

Great lists! I should've read a few of these before I made mine. I love having 20 things but then my mind goes blank! I should also think of 20 things I hate. Hmm.

Also, we need to talk about the following: I should teach you to hotlink the word Scentsy to my website ;-), I would like to know more about this lasering of tattoos (Did we all get ankle tattoos at 17?), how can you hate RJ Boars???

We can review the lists at our next Date Night. =)

Ann said...

Yes, let's do! We will discuss tattoo lasers, etc!

I will totally hot link you! How do I do this??

I hate RJ Boars because of the pig noses. I think it's weird it's a pork place and they go around oinking and whanot with those noses on!