Saturday, January 1, 2011

HNY, Auld Lang Syne (sp?), etc

We went to DSM for New Year's Eve for a few days to see our friends, Dustin and Dani.  They are Kurt's very best friends from school and have two bambinos near our kids' ages. 

This photo makes the blog (dingdingding!) because these "innocent little darlings" found out how to rent pay-per-view KIDS movies in the hotel a mere two hours after this pic was taken.  lol.  Hilarious.  They had no idea they movies were charging our room $$$, so if they didn't like a movie they picked, they just picked a different one.  HAHAHA.  Cheers to living it up in 2011.  ;) 


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Laura @ TheMeckleys said...

Oh my, how funny! (And possibly expensive!) Kind of reminds me of my first semester in college. My Dad gave me his calling card info and I for some reason thought he got some kind of GREAT rate for LD calls. I called my boyfriend back home on the daily for no other reason than probably for us to sit there listening to each other breathe (omg, that sounds bad - NOT in gross way!) A month later I get a call from Dad saying I ran up a $300+ phone bill - GASP! I bawled right then and there I felt so bad.