Sunday, March 29, 2009


Alright, I admit life has been getting in the way of my yogaliciousness, which is so uncool. In my next life, I will have NO job and yoga every day. Followed by shopping. This requires marrying someone who does not balance their checkbook and credit card statements to the penny and who also does not hoard cash like he survived the Great Depression (i.e. I can't marry Kurt - total and complete sadness!). Kurt's idea of running low on funds and my idea of running low on funds are totally on opposite ends of the world. Hence, I'll be working til I'm 90, people. Kurt's the greatest guy in the world though :) (side note: but no way in hell will I live under his checkbook rules). :) :) Love you, hon!

ANYHOW...back to the hiatus!

Has anyone ever gotten really wasted and woken up and thought, "OMG how did I get home (presuming you are, in fact, home)?" Well, I have "HEARD" of this happening to people. Of course, I would never do anything like this... lol.

No, I did not drink last night and I felt pretty damn good when I went to bed. Of course, I sleep tons better post-yogaing so I slept until about 5 am. I woke up in a semi-panic (review paragraph above if needed). So...yesterday's Vin III was a harder class than normal (esp. considering my hiatus) but in no way did I imagine WAKING UP and WONDERING how I broke EVERY bone and pulled EVERY muscle in my entire body. I seriously wondered (for about five minutes) if I fell off the Space Needle or something.

After I managed to somehow get breakfast for Belle, I even took Advil, drank some Diet Coke and laid back down in bed, making my lab, Daffodil go with me and listen to me whine and moan. She's a great dog for that...I love labs! Anyhow, it's all my fault for skipping yoga lately so this is what I deserve. The crappy thing was that I missed Sunday class. I would have laughed at the thought of doing five "NAVASANA!!!"s if I could laugh without crying (my ribs hurt). Yeah, I have gone to Sunday class sore from Saturday class before but nothing like this. No way!! I can barely get in and out of the car. Ha! I always like being sore though because at least it means whatever I'm doing is working. I should be in top-model shape by Tuesday, considering the way I feel. Sweet.

Belle had a bday party at Jungle Bungle (aka HELL/Satan's Lair/Lucifer's Underworld/etc). Her little friends' parents were really nice and promised to watch the peanut so I nervously left. God, I hate that place. I wanted to stay but is it rude to invite yourself to stay? Pretty sure. Not to mention Belle would've noticed me lurking in the corner and Happy Joes might have called the cops. I hobbled into the mall and got a quick pedicure :) and then sat in the Jungle Bungle parking lot reading my new book for awhile (watching the door to see if a stranger was making off w/ my Princess).

I bought these two books to read while Belle has ballet rehearsals on the weekends. They are 2 hours long on Saturdays and Sundays. I LOVE reading but I get TOTALLY obsessed with it. Like I will not put the book down until I'm done with it. So, since I normally have stuff to do, I don't read. Anyway, so I got through a couple chapters in the HJ parking lot and the obsession started. I couldn't WAIT to get to ballet and read for two hours. (Bear with me, there is a point, here...) So I get to ballet and offer my services to a couple of other moms. I SEWED for two hours, doing alterations on the girls' costumes.


Yes, people, I sewed. I tried telling Kurt this on the phone afterward and I had to repeat it four times and eventually spell it. Here is our 100% serious convo:

Me: "I was all homemakerish and helped sew the costumes."
Him: "You what?"
Me: "Helped sew the costumes."
Him: "I didn't understand you...?" (He's being serious here)
Me: "SEWED. Costumes."
Him: silence
Me: "S...E...W. Sew!"
Him: "Oh, wow, good job."

Haha. Apparently, he did not think the word S-E-W was in my vocab so he was ruling that out as an option. Whatever! I totally got a lobster costume altered and part of a card costume. It was pretty fun. I like chatting with other moms. But DAMN - my book awaits. This sucks!!!!!!!! So, going back to my first paragraph, I'll included READING into my list of daily activities for my next life :) Yoga, shopping, reading. :) :) :)

Mucho love, y'all.

Ann :)

P.S. We wore our boots from yesterday's post today :) :) Belle's lovin' em.

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Jen said...

Missed you on Sunday! Hope all of your broken bones have miraculously healed.

So what books are you reading? I need a recommendation, something fast and easy. I'm tired of thinking hard :)