Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moved to Jamaica, Mon???

Yeah Mon! I wish!

Omg, I've been lying LOWWW TO THE GROUND since our return. I have NOT even YOGA'D *gasps in horror*. I know, I'm totally 100% dying over it all.

BUT WHY/PORQUOI/POR QUE the life sabbatical, you ask? Apparently no one did my work, homework, laundry OR Nashville shopping for me in my absence. It sucksssss.
Work - as you know I've started a new job. I conveniently scheduled my trip around "closing." Little did I know that even when you aren't "closing," unit personnel flood your inbox with questions on closing-related "stuff." This is all fine and good when you're actually there. :) If you aren't there, you return to 771 e-mails.

School - so the Sunday before we left for Jamaica, I took my computer with me to the hotel in Chicago. Kurt always goes to bed early, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do all of my online homework assignments at that time. I even conveniently procrastinated all week, having this muy excellente plan and all. Ole! To my dismay (sort of), my laptop absolutely would not could not should not connect to the Radisson O'Hare's wireless. I could not believe it. Our classes are sort of on a Wednesday to Wednesday timeframe for assignments. So I wasn't able to complete the assignments from the Wednesday before the honeymoon, the Wednesday of the honeymoon, OR the Wednesday of our return. Oops! :) So I was three weeks behind in every class as soon as Wednesday hit, right after we got back. Luckily, the honeymoon card has bought me some much-needed extra time :)

Nashville Shopping - the trip to Dixieland looms on the horizon, ya hear. I need some sweet threads to wear in the southland. Enough said. Luckily, I'm over capacity on boots from last year's trip so I don't have to worry about those :) Just shirts and a couple of pairs of new jeans.

Finally, Belle and I have headaches. I realize this sounds completely ridiculous. I'd also like to mention I am rarely sick but it seems like I've blogged about it 3 times lately. VERY UNCOOL. Sorry :) :)
So Saturday, Belle told me her brain was trying to climb out of her skull. Scary, hello! I think they start science class WAYYYY too young these days. She complained of this all day on Saturday, even though I gave her motrin. She goes to the chiro regularly and really never complains of headaches unless she is sick, so this was weird. Sunday, I wake up. MY BRAIN is trying to crawl out of my skull (no alcohol had been consumed on Saturday either)! So I don't know if we have some freaky virus or what. We literally both still have terrible headaches. I would for sure think I've inherited my dad's migraines (ugh) but it must be something contagious since we both have them? IDK? So then tonight, she had her first skating lesson with her BFF. Francesca's mom waited with them and was going to drive Belle home. The girls went running out of the sports complex, Belle tripped on the ice and slammed her forehead into the concrete. That's my girl (why am I paying for ballet lessons again??)!! Anyway, I feel super bad because it's a huge bump in the middle of her forehead! YIKES! :( Poor Trelle.
So in summary, this post was pretty lame! Soooorrrrryyyyyyy. :) I am all caught up in one class :) and have one class to go. My sleeping is sort of jacked from a) no yoga and b) severe margarita withdrawl. That being said, I need to start doing a) again ASAP. Tomorrow Belle has ballet and I have no class so I'm planning on Shannon's 6:30...I'm looking forward to it.
What I should be blogging about - the much more interesting JAMAICA!! :)

What about Jamaica? OMG, Jamaica was awesome. Soooo relaxing to be just the husband and I...for days on end...with nothing to do except stare at the ocean... *Sigh* I love vacation. I did however, come through *as promised* on some dorky yoga pose beach pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More on Jamaica SOON :) but I do need to post these honeys:

So I can do headstand, just not the technically correct way...

Tree by the tree...very unique idea. Not! :) But necessary!

So I was trying to think of poses I could do without stretching too much...ouch.

Unstretched attempt at side crow. Ca-caw! Ca-caw!!

My nemesis...Warrior III.

Be back soon, y'all. Mucho love, mucho love.

A. :) :) :)


Jen said...

Awesome yoga pix! You rock!

E and K said...

Rockin' the side crane!

You're awesome!