Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ann's Very Merry Un-Favorite Things Vol. 1

::cues "A Very Merry Un-Birthday" song from Alice in Wonderland::

While usually I am the epitomy of positivity (LOL), and truly LOVE/ADORE/OBSESS about everything I like (see post Ann's Favorite Things Vol. 1), I thought I'd spice up the blog. There are definitely things I don't prefer (a.k.a. DOUBLE HATE) so I thought I'd share! :) This benefits YOU how? I really don't know! But happy holidays and ENJOY THE BLOG! *Smiles Sweetly (through gritted teeth)!!*

A. Kohl's. I despise this store, even the name. Honestly. The end. :)

B. Tylenol. OMG, it does not work, people! Go for the Advil instead of suffering with the red & yellow! I'm just sayin...

C. The show Home Improvement. OMG, it's on right now in the other room. It's so corny. Al is the best part by far. Plus, the fact Wilson (R.I.P.) never shows his face is just annoying. Apparently, I do watch it though since I suddenly seem to be an expert on all of their names. Ha!

D. Shopping at The Limited. Adore the clothing/jewelry, though. Yes, this is a direct shot at a select few (not all) members of the staff. B*tches! *smiles sweetly* I'm annoyed by those who totally recognize me, greet me as such, then proceed to follow me around and stalk me profusely about their stupid credit card while I pick out sweaters. I mean, why??? Just let me shop! You know me and can guarantee I'll walk out with a bag. I don't hike it to Southpark for nothing!

E. People that are, in any way, mean to/abandon animals!!!!!!!!

F. Okay I'll admit it. I hate Express. I am not sure why but I can't stand the store. So odd, really...because it soooo seems like merchandise I'd like. I've hated it for approximately 8 years. Yes, it has a direct relationship to my college graduation year. I must have bought one too many "twin sets" in college. Go Fieldhouse, Halftime and Stickmans!!

G. Anything "gummy." E.g. worms, Swedish Fish (what's up with that name anyway), gummi trolls, etc. Ew.

H. Two words, people: ASSUMPTION HIGH. I'm a Falcon, what can I say? I don't hate anyone that went there *smiles sweetly*, just Ass High in general....oh, and anyone that went there. JUUUUUSSSST KIDDING! :) ::cues West High drumline::

I. Dooney & Bourke, omg. I do contend that the "It" bag, back when It's were "it" was probably my favorite purse I ever owned, meaning I just LOVED it at the time. I will desparately search for a picture of me with this gem of a purse. Everything pre- and post- "my It barrel bag" = no bueno. Just my opinion!

J. Avon and Mary Kay makeup! OMG! Hateness!

K. Email forwards breaking off friendships if you don't send back. Sadness! I mean, who really notices who does and does not send them back?? Annoying!

Any others out there to add? Bueller?? Bue-ller??


E and K said...

Can I please add email forwards???
This currently is at the top of my list. Especially the "we must not be friends if you don't send this". Grrrrrrrrrr

Ann said...


I always feel bad not sending them back but I don't think the person really cares. lol.

The Hundley said...

I love Kohl's. LOVE it.