Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Free Baby Minkee to Good Home!!

"O.M.G.!!" Some crazy human from Gramma's Kitchen in Walcott, Iowa thought it would be a good idea to tie me to a gift bag. It was horrible. My foster mom said she has some friends with pet minkees that might want to adopt me. She cracked up when she saw me and told the whole table about their minkee website. Hopefully I can make a guest appearance on it and try to land a job.

I'm really cute and even have a knit Santa hat and everything. I'm pretty much potty trained. I'd make a great pet. I don't take up much room since I'm only 2 inches tall. BG and Jen, PLZ adopt me! This chick has five dogs, a dancing and singing kid and husband that sweeps the floor all the time. He is nice but I'm scared he'll throw me away!! He likes to throw things away. I noticed he throws away a lot of things the lady or kid of the house might want! My time here is limited. I have seen him eyeing me already, waiting for the two other humans to leave so he can throw me into the large green container by the refrigerator!! *Gasp!* I'm going to hide in this yoga bag until I hear from you guys.


BG said...


"The minkees are currently acting like they are asleep right now, in hope that Santa comes early. They will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for calling" (phrrrrrrrrt! 'Damn it Guillermo!')

Heather said...

That baby minkee is awful cute!!! :)